Specialist in powder mixtures, AQ Private Label offers products based on shell powders, algae, marine clay, alginates, sea salt or talc.

To bring added value to your products, bet on the originality of powder-based products, customizable, without water and without preservatives.

To guarantee you effective cosmetics, we use the best of Breton algae (Laminaria, Fucus, Lithothamnium, …) and the Atlantic coast, such as our pharmaceutical grade alginate used in the composition of our peel-off masks.


Our Marine Clay is extracted from a deposit in the bay of Moutiers-en-Retz (44), which we own. It has many characteristics: healing, antiseptic, absorbent, relaxing, re-mineralizing and stimulating.

The oyster shell

Our oyster shell powder, available in several particle sizes, is rich in calcium, mineral salts and trace elements. It is non-irradiated, non-ionized and without additives.

It is COSMOS approved by ECOCERT Greenlife and complies with the NATURE & PROGRESS charter.

A complete range

We have a complete range of specific body care: body masks and wraps, in paste or powder form, depending on the type of care desired. These wraps can be pure or enriched with plant extracts or essential oils … to meet a specific need: slimming, firming, remineralizing, relaxing or detoxifying. 

AQ Private Label also produces bath salts in different crystal sizes. The color and fragrance can be customized to be in harmony with the rest of your range.

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