Specialist in mixing powders, AQ Private Label can create products made with seaweeds, Marine Clay, alginates, sea salt
or talc.

To bring an added value to your products, select the originality of powder base products, without the use of preservatives, and customize them to your business.

To guarantee the most effective cosmetics, we use the best algae from Brittany (Laminaria, Fucus, Lithothamnium, …) and Atlantic coast, such as our pharmaceutical-grade alginates which are used in our series of peel-off masks.

Our Marine Clay comes from our own French reservoir located in Moutiers-en-Retz bay. It has many features including: healing, antiseptic, absorbency, relaxing, re-mineralizing and stimulating action.


We have a complete range of specific body treatments, including body masks and wraps, either in powder or parte shape. These wraps can be created pure, or enriched with plant extracts or essential oils to meet a specific need such as slimming, firming, remineralising, relaxing or detoxifying.