Our story


Founded in Brittany in 1990, AQ Private Label has developed over the years, improving in ability and know-how as time has gone on.


AQ Private Label is a division of Aquatonale Group, which is dedicated to private label business.  Initially Aquatonale Group manufactured marine skincare for the face and body, sold in institutes, whose priority was quality for customer satisfaction.




Our expertise

In order to better meet consumers’needs, Aquatonale Group expands its range in the 00’s, with thalassotherapy products ready for use either in powder or paste form. Highly experienced on the specific marine skincare market  and always looking for innovation, in 2008 we decided to complete a new challenge, and developed a dermo-cosmetic treatments range. Today, our expertise and resources allow us to manufacture a large range of cosmetic products including creams, serums, masks, skin-care products, powdered products based on marine clay, algae, salts, and body and baths products for your wellbeing.

Production tool development

We believe that the evolution of our product-offering relies on the continuous improvement of our production tool. In 2005, we moved from working on a smaller scale to becoming semi-industrial, by doubling our operational space in Allaire (Brittany) to  3 000m². In a constant search for innovation and performance, we made 2015 the year of technology, and equipped our filling/packaging area with robotics.

Research and experiments